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NAPIM will add trademarks to the list at the request of either members or non-members. Requests must include the information required by the following rules and should be sent to NAPIM,3600 East State Street Suite 306, Rockford, IL 61108 . For assistance contact Michele StClair at the NAPIM office (815) 708-7387.
If the mark is registered with the United States Patent Office, the request should include:

  • the mark itself
  • the name and address of the registrant
  • the number of the registration
  • the date of registration
  • the goods mentioned in the registration upon which the mark is used
  • the trademark Act under which the mark is registered
  • whether the mark has become incontestable
  • if the registration is more than 20 years old, whether the registration has been renewed
If the mark is not registered with the Patent Office, the request should
  • the mark itself
  • the name, address and company affiliation of the registrant
  • the date of first use
  • proof of commercialization within six months preceding the request. Suitable documents (min. 1) include:
    • Dated invoice without price information
    • Dated product promotional/marketing information
    • Dated technical data sheet
    • Dated safety data sheet
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