2017 Printing Ink Handbook


To help ink makers, its suppliers and its customers understand the world of ink, the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) has created its Printing Ink Handbook throughout the years. Written by ink makers, the Printing Ink Handbook has undergone numerous revisions over the years, with its previous edition coming out in 2009.

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2017 Pigments Handbook


The Raw Materials Data Handbook Vol. 4 - Pigments covers the properties of over 250 generic pigments utilized in the formulation of printing inks, paints and related chemical coatings. The extensive data compiled should prove useful both for formulation and regulatory purposes.

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NAPIM and NPIRI Reports and Bulletins

Since the 1970's NAPIM and NPIRI have been publishing printing ink-related documents, papers and bulletins for its members covering technical, regulatory and market related information. Click the links below for more information. Other Publications NAPIM Bulletins

NAPIM Blog Site

The NAPIM Blog covers current, topical news for the graphic arts industry - regulatory, business and market news. This site is updated frequently. Check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Revised Publications


For the last 50 years NAPIM has been authoring and publishing reports, positions, bulletins, whitepapers on ink industry-related business/market, technical and regulatory topics. NAPIM's various committees (technical, management and regulatory) are reviewing, updating and revising these documents. Click the link below for the current list of revised documents.

Revised/Updated Docs